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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is a spin-off series from VH-1's Love & Hip Hop, the popular reality show that delved into the personal and professional lives of musical artists. The Atlanta version is set in the "dirty south" and features an entirely different cast from the original show.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta features Stevie J, a music producer, and his girlfriend, Mimi. Complicating their relationship is rapper Joseline, one of Stevie J's pet projects. There's plenty of tension surrounding these three because Mimi suspects the relationship between her boyfriend and Joseline is more than strictly professional. Cameras roll as Stevie J can't seem to make up his mind who he would rather be with, leading to arguments and fights between all three. It only gets more heated when Joseline reveals that she's pregnant. She claims Stevie J is the father.

Other cast members include singers K Michelle, Karlie Redd and rapper Rasheeda. Rapper Lil Scrappy and his girlfriend, Erika Dixon, are also included. Lil Scrappy's mother, Momma Dee, rounds out the cast as an outspoken advocate for her son who feels that no one knows what he needs more than she does. Between trying to promote themselves independently and keeping their names in the public eye, these artists are busy, but they still find time to relax and regroup with their friends.

This series takes an in-depth look at everyone's personal life. It doesn't just focus on what goes on in the studio. It follows them as they party in Atlanta's bustling nightlife and as they disagree with one another. As viewers have come to expect from reality show franchises, the mix of so many different personalities offers plenty of drama from week to week.

Monday at 8:00 PM et/pt on VH1
6 Seasons, 108 Episodes
June 18, 2012
Reality, Romance
Cast: Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J., Rasheeda, Mimi Faust
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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Full Episode Guide

  • Conclusion. The drama continues with Joseline backstage. Things with KK and Tommie get heated after their social-media fiasco; the cast discuss their Jamaican adventure; and what really happened on the trip with Karlie and Joc is revealed.

  • Part 1 of 2. The cast reunites, as host Nina Parker dives into the drama. Nobody knows if Joseline will confront her fellow cast; Mimi and Karlie exchange words; Stevie and Tommie spill the tea; and tears are shed for Rasheeda and Kirk.

  • Rasheeda is stunned by the arrival of DNA test results; the mothers of Atlanta come together to get Tommie and Samantha to settle their issues; Joseline wants Stevie to fire Estelita and join her in New York; Stevie makes a difficult decision.

  • Stevie copes with the fallout of Joseline's botched apology to his girls; Tommie and Dime concur to sit down to hash out their differences; Jasmine takes Kannon for his DNA test; and Kirk surprises Rasheeda on a cabin getaway.

  • Kirk and Rasheeda talk at last; and Dime receives a romantic surprise. Back in Atlanta, Jasmine gets an unwanted visit from her pesky ex; and Joseline reconsiders patching things up with Stevie.

  • Waka moves back into the house but is shocked by Tammy's independence. Later, Rasheeda is surprised by an unexpected visitor who has news about Jasmine's baby; and the gals' jaunt to Jamaica gets off to a rocky start with uninvited crashers.

  • Karlie and Joseline come to an understanding; Joseline visits L.A. to co-host "The Real"; Karlie seeks revenge against Joc; Dime discloses a secret about her love life; and Stevie has a proposition for Joseline.

  • Joseline is back in action; Rasheeda confronts her mother about Scrappy's party; KK convinces Tommie and her mother to try again.

  • Stevie adjusts to fatherhood; Scrappy throws a party to celebrate being single; Momma Dee and Shirleen pry into Kirk's affairs; Waka makes a grand romantic gesture.

  • From planning an over-the-top baby shower, to caring for an infant simulator, Joseline Hernandez enlists the help of family and friends to prepare her for the big day.

  • Tommie's wine tasting invites drama as well as an unexpected guest.

  • Tommie's new business pursuit has people questioning whether she's making good choices. Later, Joseline and Stevie battle it out in court; Dime shares that she and Joseline have reconciled; Waka plans to fix his marriage; and Sierra confronts Moriah.

  • Joc approaches his ex Sina about her relationship with Rod. Moriah's married man is made known. Joseline revives an old friendship. Stevie goes to great efforts to bring his family together.

  • Joseline wants to get friends together and requests Melissa's help; Joc and Karlie go on double dates; Tresure and Tommie dispute; and Kirk continues to cope with the fallout of his infidelity.

  • Tommie is stirring it up with new acquaintances and a possible new man; the end may be close for Scrappy and Bambi; Karlie learns some shocking details about Jasmine, which induces Joc to share a big secret.

  • Rasheeda deals with Kirk's infidelity; Rod and Jasmine's relationship is revealed; Waka tries to make things right; Tommie clashes with Karlie; Joseline tries to resolve paternity issues.

  • The Frosts, Jasmine and her boyfriend deal with the consequences of Jasmine's bomb drop. Later, Joseline and Stevie meet for the first time in months; and Momma Dee and Ernest deal with marital issues.

  • In the Season 6 premiere, Joseline and Stevie struggle over the paternity of her unborn child; Tommie faces legal problems due to her beef with Joseline; and Karlie and Joc rekindle their old flame. Later, Kirk and Rasheeda's marriage is jeopardized when a mysterious stranger drops a bomb.

  • Tommie shares the truth behind why Scrapp hooked up with Karlie; KK makes allegations against Scrapp that could affect his relationship with his boy; and Stevie deals with rumors that Joseline is pregnant.

  • Violence concerns cause producers to reunite the cast in small groups. Bambi and Betty Idol face off over Scrappy, Tommie's legal issues worsen due to Joseline, and a shocking turn of events may tie Stevie and Joseline together forever.

  • Stevie and Joseline put a halt to their romance. Later, Scrappy proposes; Momma Dee expresses regret to Shirleen; KK and Tiarra put together a birthday surprise for King; the actual Tommie's revealed; and K. Michelle asks Ariane for assistance.

  • Karlie ends her relationship with Lyfe; Karlie confesses to Tiarra; Dime approaches Joseline; Ariane is guided by K Michelle; Amber gets a surprise; Scrappy hopes to get Bambi back.

  • Stevie and Joseline see each other for the first time since separating. Joseline pushes her boundaries by inviting Tommie to join them, and Stevie flaunts his new artist, Dime. Karlie comes clean with Tiarra about Scrapp, and Lyfe surprises Karlie with a ring. Rasheeda and Kirk have big plans for DLO that don't involve Kelsie.

  • Tammy must confront the truth after Waka's indiscretions are made public; Joseline defends her marriage; Stevie labors with one of Joseline's rivals; and Joc brakes the bro code. Later, J-Nicks and Tiarra move their relationship to the next level.

  • Scrapp deals with his sentence while his loved ones consider their future; Mimi and Stevie go on a road trip in hopes of discovering the truth; and Joseline makes a confession. Later, D. Smith approaches Scrappy concerning his insensitive post on social media.

  • Deb's panel discussion on bullying has an unexpected outcome. D. Smith helps Ariane find her voice. Scrapp has an emotional goodbye with his son, King, and spends his last night of freedom surrounded by loved ones.

  • Dime is in for quite a shock while on a date with Scrappy; Tommie finds a hotel receipt with Karlie's name on it in Scrapp's vehicle; and Joseline requests assistance from Mimi. Later, Mimi discovers that Stevie is harboring secrets.

  • Scrapp DeLeon is given terrible legal information; K. Michelle runs into D. Smith and Betty Idol at her celebration; and Jessica Dime moves her relationship with Scrappy to the next level. Later, Tiarra and KK look for common ground.

  • Karlie has a new boy in her life; Stevie J threatens to cut ties with Joseline; K. Michelle comes back with a vengeance; and Mimi comes to a turning point with Chris. Later, Jessica Dime triggers a fallout between Bambi and Scrappy.

  • An unexpected guest shows up at Joseline's celebration; the problems in Momma Dee's marriage become apparent; Scrappy finds out about Bambi's extracurricular endeavors; and the King family is split over a loss. Later, Deb Antney commands a sit down.

  • Joseline spreads rumors about Karlie Redd, Stevie J and KK; Kirk's daughter requests assistance with her music career; and Tommie's perceptions about Scrapp keep growing. Later, Mimi is concerned about Stevie J and Chris meeting for the first time.

  • Joseline is back in Atlanta ready to fight; Scrappy and Rasheeda discuss their problems; Karlie lets it all hang out with Lyfe Jennings; and K. Michelle appears. Later, Scrapp DeLeon gets upset with KK about her relationship with Tiarra.

  • Tammy's luncheon with D.Smith and Betty takes an unexpected turn. Stevie J is home from his Hollywood adventures in LA. Waka Flocka returns to the ATL for an event. Scrapp sets up a meeting with Tiarra and Tommie.

  • Tension erupts between Tommie and Tiarra at Mimi's party. Tiarra gives Scrapp an ultimatum. Tammy discovers some surprising news about a new model that she wants to hire.

  • In the season premiere, Mimi's new relationship has everyone talking in Atlanta. Momma Dee exterminates treason in the palace after Rasheeda and Kirk abandon Scrappy.

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